Latin Katz

Challenge is the word that best describes The Latin Katz ensemble.

Although at first you could simply hear a latinized, refreshing blend of standards from several musical genres, The Latin Katz sound is in fact a challenge to discriminating, demanding listeners who search for “the next new” jazz style. You will also be challenged to resist the urge to get up and dance to both spicy and romantic Latin melodies that inevitably pull you from your seat.

On stage, the Katz are also a challenge to bored musicians who have settled for run-of-the-mill arrangements that neither say much nor push their skills to new limits. Only a handful of instrumentalists can handle the ensemble’s seamless mix of intricate polyrhythms and harmonic voicings… and this ensemble has some of the best Katz in the Dallas area.

The Latin Katz is a group that goes beyond labels, a new musical genre on its own category handcrafted for a higher musical taste in a world swamped with too much of the same.

We challenge you to come give the Katz a listen and experience them live while we all wait for their upcoming recorded release.

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