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Accomplished vibraphonist, composer, and band leader. Dana also plays marimba, xylophone, marimba lumina, Xylosynth, and many other percussion instruments. The vibraphone is also called Vibraharp, vibes, or (most often and incorrectly) xylophone. Most often Dana plays the electric vibraphone which involves piezo pick-ups attached to each bar with wires collecting to rails and output to 1/4″ cable like a guitar. Dana currently endorses Malletech Omega vibraphone with V3 pick-up system.

New Website Update

The new website is still in its infancy. Right now I am just porting over information (that I want to keep) from my old website. It just has basic things but I have plans to add a store for purchasing downloads, music, lessons, t-shirts and more. Additionally, I will have a blog dedicated to jazz improvisation and transcriptions. The hope is to begin to actually connect with the fans I have and provide the loyal fans with something more than watching me sweat over a vibraphone in a dingy venue surrounded by jerks.