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My tribute to Bobby Hutcherson

The morning after Bobby Hutcherson died,  I was inspired to make a tribute to one of my greatest heroes of the vibraphone.  Life is so busy, I was only able to do a couple takes before running out of time.  Would have liked a few more…..

Bobby Hutcherson’s “Montara” has always been a favorite of mine.  Since the progression and short form are looper friendly, it was an easy choice.  I set up an effect patch to simulate a moog style synth bass with the vibes by using a Roland SY-300 and an auto-wah.  I also set up an effect path with distortion, pitch bend, reverb and delay to make the electric vibraphone sound like an electric guitar.  The vibraphone is a Malletech Omega Vibe with the V3 Pickup system installed.  There is no MIDI or conversion to MIDI used to do this.

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